**WHAT'S INCLUDED: the Courses (yep, there's 2), the Bonuses, 12 Months Access to the GeekPack Facebook Group AND all the brand new Expert Content**
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How I Consistently Make $9,000 A Month From My RV...
...Using in demand and "real world" tech skills that anyone can learn!
(This works even if your tech skills are limited to turning on Netflix)
I know what you're thinking, this is just another 'get rich quick' scam...guess what, I thought that too! 

Most of the online business promises are scams...but this isn't!

As a military wife, I moved every 2 years, so my long-term career progression was slim-to-none! So I decided I wanted a career that moved with me (on my terms) and enabled location independence!
  • ​I DID NOT want to learn a 'get rich quick' skill (i.e. scam)
  • ​I DID NOT want to go down the MLM route
  • ​I DID want to learn a skill that was actually marketable in the real world (and in the online world)
  • ​I DID want to learn a skill that was in demand, proven and tested
  • ​I DID want financial freedom and location independence
I wanted a skill in my pocket that I could use for the rest of my life...
and that's how I stumbled on coding...
Stay with me...I know when some of you think of coding, you think of geeky guys in grimy clothes eating Cheetos at 3am in their basement...BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS!

Nor should you be intimidated by the bro-ish unfriendly cut-throatness of other course and communities...WE'RE DIFFERENT!

I taught myself to code... in a vacuum... without a community. I found a lot of problems in this method...there were a lot of pitfalls.
I've learned several ways to avoid those pitfalls and get on the fast track to learning a skill and make money online!
Hi, I'm Julia.
I was a military wife and we moved every two years. I was stuck in the perpetual routine of going from one blah 9-5 to the next. New city, different job, same ole routine.

I wanted my own career. I wanted career progression. We were location dependent...so I desperately wanted a career that gave me location INdependence.

I didn't believe it was possible to work from anywhere. I mean, who does that? Little did I know, right?

Then one day I was shown how to edit a website...with code...that I found on Google! I'd never written a line of code in my life. It was so simple and elegant, yet complex at the same time. It was magic and I was hooked!

Fast forward a few years and we're full time RVers living the ultimate Location Independent lifestyle...all because I stumbled upon code and learned a marketable and in demand tech skill!
Just for a second, close your eyes and imagine what life would be like if you had location independence...
Work from home. work from the coffee shop. work from abroad.
work from anywhere...literally!
And more!
you can achieve location independence...you can work from anywhere without.....
Falling into the 'get rich quick' schemes...
Having a tech degree (or any degree, for that matter)...
Already being comfortable with tech-y stuff!
That's why I'm proud to introduce WP Rockstar...
The first WordPress web development course & community for people who have NEVER coded before who want to learn in demand tech skills to fund their freedom lifestyle!
WHAT's included in WP rockstar...
(ps: you will get UNLIMITED & FOREVER access to all the content)
Wordpress 101:
All the Basics & how to build a site on your local computer
Wordpress THEMES & PLUGINs
Build from scratch
troubleshoot tech issues
Responsive design
How to make a wp site look gorgeous & professional on any device
#allthethings you'll need
Everything from hosting, domains, security & monthly Maintenance
WP Rockstar will give you real, marketable & in-demand skills to 
build an online business and work from anywhere!
Watch the WP Rockstar Course Demo to see exactly what you'll get!
That's Not All! You'll Also Get BONUS Access to Another Course:
Zero to WP Hero - a step-by-step course to build a WordPress website using a premium child theme (included and worth $129)
php, MySQL, JavaScript
email copy
content repurposing
Wanna sneak peak of what's to come?? Here are some of the experts...
Ever thought about dipping your toes in graphic and web design... Renée to the rescue! A Graphic Designer, offering services in Branding, Graphic Design, WordPress + Funnel Design, Renée gives Change Makers (social enterprise, therapists, coaches, et al.) a visual voice in the digital world. Passionate about serving those who have a mission, product or service 'bigger than themselves', Renée uses her skills and imagination to help businesses create a beautiful, authentic online presence and consistent visual branding that converts and makes them stand out from the crowd.
What about Instagram Stories... wanna know how to leverage it for your biz? Roota is a PRO! Roota is a software engineer turned full-time digital marketer. She currently has 20K+ Followers on Instagram and has converted $51000+ in product sales from her audience just via Instagram and she also helps her clients get similar results.
Content repurposing is all the buzz! Esther has been working online running a six figure agency offering content repurposing for 5 years. During that time she’s helped almost 400 women work online as virtual assistants offering content repurposing too!
Or maybe you're interesting in writing... Helen will fill you in on the options! Helen is a mindset coach and a writer who works with some of the most accomplished people in the online world. Her specialty is helping people to break through their limits to create the freedom in life and work that they've always dreamed of.
And then there's the whole... 'I don't want to be sales-y'... Renee is the 'Sales Whisperer'! Renee is a Sales Strategist, TEDx Speaker & Author. She has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. She is known in her industry as a fun, energetic executive sales coach who leads with heart. Having given signature talks and training sessions at global conferences she skillfully breaks down her decades of sales expertise. With her one-of-a-kind "laugh & learn" teaching style, you will certainly walk away with a new view on the "softer side of sales” when you become one of her students.
Ever heard of a thing called Affiliate Marketing... April is the 'Rainmaker'! April is an affiliate marketing strategist currently working as a coach & consultant helping online service providers create effective conversion strategies to grow and scale their businesses. She’s on a mission to visit every US National Park courtesy of her passive income stream. As a teacher, April is authentic and down to earth with her implementation strategies to create a passive-ish income stream while working smarter, not harder. She also believes she can teach you her greatest skill… how to see money everywhere.
Email copy is one of the hardest things to get right... Brittany writes emails for some of the biggest names in the digital marketing world, so she knows all the secrets! Brittany is a seasoned copywriter and coach currently working with the wildly popular SaaS company, ClickFunnels. While writing for powerhouses like Julie Stoian, Russell Brunson, and John Maxwell she developed a way to help service providers work with their high-performing dream clients without burning out or sacrificing their freedom-based lifestyle.
Let's talk about PODCASTS... Esther specializes in podcast management! Esther is the founder and CEO of Morningstar Media Services. At Morningstar Media, she serves business owners with their content management and marketing, specializing in podcast management. In addition, Esther is also a writer at and host of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast.
WP Rockstar will give you real, marketable & in-demand skills to 
build an online business and work from anywhere!
we believe in our product and that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied.
In order to process the 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase, we simply ask you to show evidence that you attempted the work in the modules & lessons.

We understand life happens and respect changes in situations. If you have any questions about our money back guarantee, please email us at julia@jt-digitalmedia.com.
12 Months Access to the Exclusive GeekPack Facebook Group
This is where the magic happens! We will provide support and advice on all things WordPress, coding, web development, online business, finding clients and more! Here's what's included:

--> Includes bi-monthly live Q&A "office hours" with me
--> Includes weekly job opportunity emails
--> Includes regular #jobopp postings (curated from searching in other FB groups)
--> Includes access to the GeekPack Match non-profit program (new developers are matched with non-profits)
--> Includes access to the 90 Day VA Match program (new developers are matched with VAs)
--> Includes access to a supportive, encouraging, motivated and extremely helpful group of 'Geeks' who LOVE troubleshooting and problem solving
BRAND NEW Expert Interviews & Content
My students ask...I deliver! We're expanding the course curriculum to include interviews and content from experts across the online business world. We'll cover topics such as SEO, design, scaling, digital marketing, sales funnels, systems, email and conversion copy, how to sell, eCommerce, all the big social media platform, AND SO MUCH MORE!
Yes, building a website from scratch is important (gotta learn the hard way, right), but it isn't how I ACTUALLY build websites for clients. Instead, I use a Premium Child Theme. So, I've created an additional course that you're going to get as a BONUS, which walks you through, step-by-step, building a WordPress website using a Premium Child Theme. BEST PART...the premium child theme (worth $129) is included for FREE!
WP Trello Board
The WP Trello Board is a step-by-step guide on initial client interaction, to on-boarding, to website design → develop → launch, to off-boarding. It includes EXAMPLE contracts, proposals, client intake forms PLUS tips for the Discovery Call and SO MUCH MORE!

Finding Clients 101
What's the number one question we're asked...'how do you find clients?' Not gonna lie, it's not easy at first and it doesn't come natural; however, we've put together a fool-proof way to not only find paying clients, but find your ideal clients!
Social Media for Online Businesses
Are you ready to take your Social Media up a notch and actually use it to FIND CLIENTS! You'll get access to this Bonus module which walks you through, step-by-step how to use Facebook & Instagram to grow your online business!
WP Rockstar will give you real, marketable & in-demand skills to 
build an online business and work from anywhere!
Check out all these happy rockstars!
WP Rockstar is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest WordPress course I’ve ever taken. Julia has a way of breaking down incredibly difficult concepts (like PHP!) to understandable chunks. Her down-to-earth, happy, and professional nature makes her the perfect instructor. I felt like I knew my way around WordPress pretty well before, but now…I’m a ROCKSTAR. Nothing beats the satisfaction of building a website from scratch, and this course gave me that gift. No WP site seems too scary or like something I couldn’t handle. THANK YOU JULIA!

WP Rockstar is for you whether you’re a beginner or have some WordPress experience under your belt. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and come out the other side a better web developer. You won’t regret this purchase! 
- Jessie valle, valle media, llc
Julia has created an amazing course that will equip anyone who has a desire to improve their tech skills. I had almost no understanding of code or the structure of Wordpress before WP Rockstar. After taking her course I have complete confidence to take on almost any project. Partly because of the curriculum, and partly because of the ongoing support Julia and her team provide through her GeekPack community.

Her knowledge and desire for her students to succeed truly shows, and she has a sincere and helpful spirit. If you’ve been hesitating about investing because you are afraid of tech, don’t! This course will get you over the hump!
- Megan Larson
What's Included in the EXCLUSIVE GeekPack Facebook Group:
  • LIVE Q&As: I go LIVE in the FB Group twice monthly, so you can ask any questions about online business, working from anywhere, finding clients, coding, web development, etc.
  • WORK OPPORTUNITIES: We are starting 2 work opportunities; one is paid and the other is unpaid work for non-profits to build a portfolio and gain confidence
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: This is one of our favorite past-times, when we get a tech issue we can't figure out and we all 'geek out' together to come up with the best solution
  •  LIVELY COMMUNITY: We're a lively group and love to ask questions and provide feedback and #allthethings related to having an online business
  • SUPPORT & EXPERT ADVICE: Me and my team are very active and responsive in the group, so we're never far if you need help
  • ENCOURAGEMENT: Not only are we an encouraging bunch, GeekPack was created to be a safe place for anyone to ask tech-y questions they might not feel comfortable asking in other 'coding' group
MORE happy rockstars!
Learning to code at 53 years old. Hmmm, I thought. I’ve never been one to back down from anything, and honestly, I’d wanted to step up my web and marketing development game for a long time (I’ve been working in internet marketing since 2003.) I’ve built websites and DOZENS of Wordpress websites, all self-taught, but never had ventured into customization. If it was in the templated theme, no problem. If it needed some tweaking or additional functionality, I was often at a loss. Hours spent figuring stuff out meant that I rarely took on those projects, which meant that I was severely limiting my possibilities for work and income. Having the ability to maintain flexibility during this second phase of my life is very important to me.

A few months ago, in one of my marketing groups, I was introduced to Julia Taylor. I quickly realized she was pretty much my hero, trailblazing a career for herself that allows her complete location independence without sacrificing income, doing exactly the “work” things that I LOVE doing but didn’t know how to do it myself. When I discovered that she had created a course (actually, multiple courses) that would help me get over those speed bumps, I jumped quickly at the offer.

I can’t say enough about these courses: They are complete, easy to follow modules that feature video and written content. I’ve learned the back-end development side of website creation and now have a much better idea of how to create a site from a solid foundation, whether I’m building a site from scratch or customizing a theme. Julia offers live group training, live Q&A sessions, and probably one of the most engaged community support groups I’ve ever seen. No matter what the project (new site build, existing site maintenance or customization, code challenges, site hosting and migration, …) there is always help available from Julia or other extremely knowledgeable GeekPack group members. I have learned so much from just following along the threads in the group and “packing that away” in my own knowledge base for when I come upon a similar challenge. I use the search feature often and find answers to my own questions have already been shared. I’ve also discovered that the coding that I’ve learned in the course has helped me in development of my other digital programs, as well.  

Julia has even included modules on social media for online businesses and finding clients. She really has offered a complete business model with her “Free 5 Day Coding Challenge”, “WP Rockstar”, and “Zero to WP Hero” courses. I have discovered the ways to achieve my dream of becoming a location-independent web developer and digital marketer, and I am very grateful to Julia for not only sharing her vision but also paving the way for me to follow that dream for myself.

If you are looking for a similar career, or perhaps just want to know how to build and maintain a site or blog for yourself, I highly recommend Julia’s training. You won’t be disappointed. And, you’ll make some great friends along the way!
- Suzanne McIntosh, Main Street USA Marketing
Wp rockstaR
WP ROCKSTAR, including 11 Comprehensive Modules on all things WordPress, hosting, domains, troubleshooting, maintenance, responsive design, etc.
VALUE: $997
BONUS 1: 12 Months Access to the GeekPack Community
VALUE: $997
BONUS 2: BRAND NEW Expert Interviews & Content
VALUE: $997
VALUE: $497
BONUS 4: WP Trello Board
VALUE: $497
BONUS 5: Finding Clients 101
VALUE: $497
BONUS 6: Social Media for Online Businesses
VALUE: $497
we believe in our product and that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied.
In order to process the 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase, we simply ask you to show evidence that you attempted the work in the modules & lessons.

We understand life happens and respect changes in situations. If you have any questions about our money back guarantee, please email us at julia@jt-digitalmedia.com.
For the irresistible price of $497, you're getting HUGE value for money:
You will learn a marketable & highly in demand tech skill...
You will learn how to find clients...
You will be able to embrace LOCATION INDEPENDENCE!
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